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Why Every Business In Australia Needs To Be Extremely Organised & Play Defensively.

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

"Getting organised is a sign of self-respect" Gabrielle Bernstein"

With the rising costs across the country, the construction industry has been impacted significantly. And those who have ben affected the most due to thousands of insolvencies, are the contractors.

In most cases, they are left high and dry with unpaid claims and are left with huge cash flow issues.

Some contractors can take the hit as they have played 'defensively' in their strategy - but some have gone in blind and now are picking up the pieces due to unforeseen circumstances and their complacency.

This is why in todays environment, every business owner and contractors need to be extremely organised in every aspect of their business.

You need to be organised in you systems, procedures, insurances and contracts, to ensure you minimise or eliminate the risk of something like this happening to you and your business.

Organised businesses also have a strategy in the way they purchase materials, have specific clauses in their contracts to protect them from unforeseen inflated material costs. And also know how to leverage buying stock (in bulk) from preferred suppliers to ensure larger profit margins.

When your 'organised', it means you have taken the time and liberty to protect one of your biggest assets - Your business which you have worked so hard for. It signifies that you have the upmost respect not only for yourself - but also your peers around you.

Efficiency is a crucial step in running a successful business and without it - you will definitely struggle to make good and solid progress.

So take time to reflect how your running the show right now. Go through and start picking on particular areas your exposed and engage with someone who can help you get these systems, procedures or insurances in place to protect you moving forward.

Its a small investment now which can potentially save you tens-of-thousands later.

Being organised gives you the confidence to go into battle knowing you have done everything in your knowledge and power to ensure your business has every chance to succeed and thrive.

Robert Theodoridis | Director

Sydney Electrical Contractors

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