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Level 2 ASP Services

What is a level 2 ASP electrician and when do I need one?

A level 2 electrician is a specialised electrician that has been authorised to connect or disconnect properties to the electricity grid, not every residential, commercial, or construction electrician is a level 2 licensed electrician so it is important to ensure that prior to attempting any level 2 works your electrician is authorised to do so. ASP stands for 'Accredited Service Provider', we are an ASP of both the Ausgrid and Endeavour electrical networks which means we are authorised and licensed to work on these networks.

Below is a list of situations that a level 2 electrician is required, if in doubt at any time feel free to contact us and we can advise accordingly.

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New Services

Temporary builder supply.

Connection of service mains to consumer mains at point of attachment (POA)

Repairs, Upgrades and Alterations

Disconnection and re-connection of service mains to consumer mains at point of attachment (POA).

Repairs to damaged cables.

Upgrade of service mains.

Single phase to three phase upgrades.​

200Amp supply upgrade.

Switchboard upgrades to allow for additional meter/s.

Granny flat build.

Second dwelling build.

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Defect Notice Rectification

Resolution of defect notices issued by Endeavour Energy or Ausgrid.

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